My journey to Terra Labs Design began when I realized how mundane and uninspiring my daily routine had become. I was tired of settling for mass-produced goods that lacked personality and soul. I wanted to change up my space and infuse my surroundings with elements that spoke to my individuality and values, but the options were limited. From there, Terra Labs Design was born, with a mission to make everyday life more interesting through unique, functional, durable, and affordable designs.

Hope you will join us in our creative exploration!

Fernando @ Team Terra

How We Design

Celebrating Simplicity

We incorporate simple geometric shapes and efficient assembly into our designs. This approach makes our products versatile, easily fitting different styles. It also allows for easy repair of broken parts and maximum recycling and reuse of materials when the products reach the end of their life.

How We Produce

Embracing Sustainability

  • 3D Printing Technology

    We create our products using 3D printing, a low-energy process that allows for on-demand production and generates minimal waste compared to traditional manufacturing methods like injection molding.

  • Plant Based and Recycled Material

    Our products are crafted from polylactic acid (PLA), a biodegradable polymer made from renewable materials like corn or beet. We also strive to incorporate recycled PLA into our designs whenever possible.

  • Made to Order in California

    With 3D printing, we can efficiently produce items on demand in our studio in Southern California, eliminating the need for excessive inventory and minimizing waste and energy consumption from production.

  • Recycle and Right to Repair

    We prioritize the entire product lifecycle by emphasizing easy repair, recyclability, and proper disposal. Customers can get damaged parts repaired by us, and we prioritize maximum recycling at the product's end of life.

How We Innovate

Printing the Future of Furniture

As 3D printing becomes more accessible, we'll explore more modular concepts and designs intended for printing at home. This empowers anyone with a 3D printer to easily bring unique and functional designs to life in the comfort of their own home.

Make your everyday life more interesting